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  • Mehrbereichsschaummittel in 20- und 60 kg-Behältern
  • Ölbindemittel
  • Chemikalienbindemittel
  • Einweg-Ölsperren in 3-, 5- und 10m-Längen
  • Atemschutzfilter

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Shipping and
Professional Diving Equipment


Diving Equipment

What we do

We offer professional solutions for fire protection and safety at sea.

For the maritime navigation sector, we deliver and install fire protection and safety equipment, as well as breathing air compressor units. Through decades of experience in working together with shipyards, shipping companies and ship suppliers, we have acquired extensive knowledge in this special segment.

We equip cruise ships, yachts and ferries - according to the relevant national and international regulations.

Our experienced team provides you with advice and support related to kitting your ship out with safety equipment.
Our qualified and manufacturer-authorised service technicians maintain your fire protection and safety equipment directly on board your vessel or in our workshops.

Paratech DCS (Damage Control System)

Support system for maritime safety and for leak and damage prevention that can be used universally

The Paratech DCS (Damage Control System) is a support system that can be used universally for maritime safety and for leak and damage prevention which combines advantages relating to versatility, working speed, working efficiency and simplicity of handling.

As is true of fire protection and firefighting on board, efficiently combating leaks and stabilising damaged (ship) structures to maintain the ship's integrity are crucially important for the safety of both the crew and the hull. Due to the design of the support system with support tensioning by means of a trapezoidal thread, the object to be supported can be retensioned at any time without a great deal of effort when dynamic movements occur, and this also offers a far greater range of applications than conventional timber beam designs. In times when crew numbers are being cut in commercial shipping, among official agencies and authorities and even in Navy units, it's high time for a rethink with respect to equipment and deployment efficiency.

Handling: The components being locked to one another is guaranteed at all times by means of spring-loaded locking pins and, at the same time, enables good separability of the components from one another.

The leak prevention components' throughflow option allows for handling underwater too. Relief holes in all the attachments guarantee component interpluggability at all times so as to enable equipment of the supports with endpieces too.

In this regard, the Paratech DCS (Damage Control System) offers flexibility in use and deployment efficiency with its intuitive handling option and thus a reasonable training effort for the crew.

We have presentation and demo equipment available and are more than happy to provide you with conceptual advice.

Maintenance and repair

We offer you a comprehensive service in our own workshops and directly on board your vessel.

Our manufacturer-authorised service technicians maintain your fire protection and safety equipment, as well as your breathing air compressor units. Working together with our long-standing partners, we check all your safety equipment directly on board your vessel as well.

Your contact partner:
Carsten Krüger
Tel.: +49 (0) 421 37788-28
Email: carsten.krueger@domeyer.eu

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Suppliers and partners

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Holger Petersen

Office representative
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Marc Korreck

Project Manager
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Zhong Szidat

Office representative
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Höft Finn-Erik

Finn-Erik Höft

Dipl. Wirtschaftsingenieur für Seeverkehr
+49 (0) 421 37788-38

What we do

We offer you professional diving equipment and a comprehensive service.

We provide you as a professional diver with everything you need: autonomous and surface-supplied diving equipment, diving suits, diving helmets, underwater tools, umbilicals and complete diver and gas supply containers.

Our specialists, who have decades of experience with professional diving equipment, provide you with advice and support when it comes to planning and procuring your professional diving equipment.

Our customers include the Navy, fire brigades and police, as well as the water and shipping administrations and various water rescue organizations. We have only worked together with renowned manufacturers for years and maintain a multitude of products in our own workshops. So you can rely on your equipment underwater.

Dive control container

Domeyer Dive Control Container

DOMEYER dive control container for offshore use

We design and manufacture Dive Control Containers for you for both offshore use and other industries.

Based on 10 ft and 20 ft containers, CSC-compliant steel construction works are carried out and configured and expanded according to applicable regulations for diving operations.

Breathing gas supply systems (high-pressure compressors, storage cylinders, diver supply panels) deliver the required air volume, while state-of-the-art communication, video, recording and data storage technologies ensure that both diving operations and dive sites are monitored and documented.

The containers are generally split into two areas: the dive control room and the workshop room. The components installed in the workshop room offer everything that is needed to produce and store breathing gas. Diver supply and control is carried out from the dive control room. This includes both the diver supply panel and communication and video control. We even offer you solutions to produce Nitrox 21-40%.

We are more than happy to advise you. 

Maintenance and repair

We offer you a comprehensive service for your diving equipment.

Our manufacturer-authorised service technicians check and repair your diving helmets, diving masks, diving suits, umbilicals and surface supply units (dive control panels) in our workshops.

Your contact partner:
Carsten Krüger
Telf.: +49(0)421-37788-28
E-mail: carsten.krueger@domeyer.eu

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State-of-the-art regular further training is crucial for your safety.

For professional divers and diving equipment control rooms in companies, authorities or the Navy, we offer training for Kirby Morgan helmets and BandMasks, as well as briefings on high-pressure filling systems.

  • Kirby Morgan "Basic Maintenance and Repair Technician Course" - course for maintenance engineers
  • Introduction to high-pressure filling systems
  • Refresher course on high-pressure filling systems.

More about our trainingprogramm

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Silke Versemann

Office representative
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Sven Bohlen

Field representative
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Zhong Szidat

Office representative
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