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  • Mehrbereichsschaummittel in 20- und 60 kg-Behältern
  • Ölbindemittel
  • Chemikalienbindemittel
  • Einweg-Ölsperren in 3-, 5- und 10m-Längen
  • Atemschutzfilter

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Who we are

Our team of experts accompanies you every step of the way with specialist consulting, planning and training service.

Offering hands-on consulting, planning and training, our 70-strong workforce ensures the successful implementation of all your projects. Our ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification attests to our commitment to provide customers with the highest quality products and ensure the continual improvement of our services.

Through our presence in a wide range of professional and commercial associations, and the continuous further training of our workforce, we ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology. DOMEYER - the competent partner for all your special fire protection and safety requirements.


On October 01, 2023, the management of Domeyer GmbH & Co. KG was restructured. Dipl.-Ing. Fred Ollerdissen took his well-deserved retirement as planned on December 31, 2023. 

Dr. Heidi Armbruster-Domeyer as Managing Partner, Finn-Erik Höft as Sales Manager/CSO and Henrike Fahrenholz as Operations Manager/COO are working together to meet the increasing demands in the markets and within the company. By dividing the company into the three areas of expertise, Domeyer aims to continue to meet customer requirements as an attractive employer.

Our History

In 1919, directly after the First World War, the businessman Albert Diedrich Domeyer, aged 30 years, laid the foundations for today’s company. He registers a business. The cooperation with DRÄGER in Lübeck starts with the distribution of autogenous (operated with acetylene and oxygen) flame cutting and welding devices as well as face masks and breathing filters. These devices are then urgently needed in commercial and industrial companies, especially in the shipyards.

Albert Diedrich Domeyer, about 1920

DOMEYER acquires its first corporate building in Bremen-Walle. The delivery program is extended to include equipment for fire brigades – including products we have made ourselves, such as leather helmets for firefighters.

The first DOMEYER catalogue for firefighters’ clothing and equipment appears. The number of employees grows. In the town of Varel, in Lower Saxony, a separate workshop business is set up in which numerous precision mechanics are trained. Later, this business is relocated to Bremen and incorporated into the company.

With the installation of respiratory protection units on board the large passenger liners “Bremen” and “Europa” (1928/29) as well as our in-house respiratory protection practice course in Bremen-Walle (1932) DOMEYER expands its expertise in respiratory protection.

The delivery program is extended to include professional diving equipment.

Extract from the first catalogue, 1926
The first corporate building in Bremen-Walle, Osterfeuerbergstr. 1
Respiratory protection on board the “EUROPA”, 1930

After the destruction of the corporate building in Bremen-Walle in air strikes (1944), DOMEYER relocates its corporate premises to Bremen-Horn. The trade in firefighting equipment is stepped up: at the first trade fair, “Der Rote Hahn” (= The Red Rooster) in 1951 in Celle, DOMEYER is one of the large exhibitors. The DRÄGER general agency for north-west Germany now also includes the distribution of medical technology.

DOMEYER builds its own workshops for manufacturing devices for the Federal Armed Forces and civil protection and the service for the technical devices for the delivery programme, which is constantly growing. In 1968, the company’s founder Albert Diedrich Domeyer dies aged 79 years. DOMEYER continues to be led by an interim leadership team consisting of experienced employees.

Albert Diedrich Domeyer jun., the grandson of the company’s founder, becomes Managing Director in 1971 and brings the company back on course following a difficult situation.

The business divisions of ship safety and diving technology are revived.

Albert Diedrich Domeyer
Albert Diedrich Domeyer junior
Warehouse building in Bremen-Horn, Leher Heerstr. 101
Trade fair stand at the specialist trade fair “Der Rote Hahn”, 1951. The first circularly woven “endless” fire hose from Parsch was a sensation

In 1971, DOMEYER moves into a corporate building in Bremen-Findorff, in which all business divisions are brought together under one roof. The number of employees continues to grow: young specialists are continually trained and taken on.

The area of ship safety is growing: DOMEYER equips new-build ships and provides the service on seagoing vessels. Among other items, DOMEYER delivers comprehensive diving equipment, pressure chambers and breathing air compressors for what was then the world’s largest sea-going tug from Bugsier-Reederei in Bremerhaven. The company plans and builds central gas supply systems and modifies high-pressure breathing air compressors for different federal authorities. After the large local government reform in 1972-1978 in Lower Saxony, competition in the field of firefighting considerably increased. In 1980, DOMEYER joined the gfd and has since played a decisive role in helping to shape this young purchasing association. In this way, even the regionally aligned firefighting equipment providers can successfully prove themselves in competition against groups of companies.

In 1998, Dipl.-Ing. Fred Ollerdissen joined DOMEYER as a further Managing Director and Partner. This is also happening in terms of early succession planning. The company’s market positioning is being strengthened in a sustainable way: DOMEYER equips cruise ships with safety equipment, plans and builds breathing air supply and fire alarm systems, installs high-pressure compressor systems and offers the full range of services for these.

In 2005, DivexDomeyer (now called JFDDomeyer), which maintains rebreathing equipment for mine clearance divers of the Federal Armed Forces, is started as a joint venture.

To further improve its competitiveness, in 2004 DOMEYER introduces a comprehensive quality management system and becomes certified according to DIN ISO 9001. The expertise in setting up fire detection systems is recognised in 2005 by VdS.

Dipl.-Ing. Fred Ollerdissen (li.)
and Albert Diedrich Domeyer junior
Firefighting test with hand-held fire extinguisher
Office in Plantage in Bremen-Findorff
OCEANIC sea-going tug
Meeting at Schichau shipyard, 1976

Fire and rescue services, shipping, diving technology, preventive fire protection, service: the company grows in all areas of business. Along with this, the number of employees also increases considerably.

In 2009, DOMEYERacquires a new build in the Überseestadt district of Bremen, in order to further develop its activities. This now makes available new modern offices, ergonomic storage and workshop facilities, seminar and training rooms as well as a canteen. The latest products were presented in the foyer. The number of training places is increased significantly and DOMEYER now grows to more than 60 permanent employees.

In 2012, the daughter-in-law of Albert Diedrich Domeyer junior, Dr. Heidi Armbruster-Domeyer joins the company. She replaces Albert Diedrich Domeyer junior – who, like his grandfather before him, ran the company for 46 long years – as a Managing Director and Partner and has, since then, continued to leadDOMEYER together with Dipl.-Ing. Fred Ollerdissen. People and employees continue to be the heart of the corporate strategy – because they will continue to be the foundation of success in the future. Since 2015, DOMEYER has been certified as a „Recognised Good Employer“.

The existing business divisions are developed further with new ideas: since 2013, the DOMEYER-Infotruck has been touring through Bremen and Lower Saxony. On board: firefighters’ clothing and personal protective equipment as well as the latest firefighting equipment for people to touch and try out.

Since 2015, DOMEYER has checked technical assistance devices directly on location, through the mobile testing service. In our in-house workshops, we produce tailor-made unique products such as breathing gas supply containers for diving businesses or mobile gas supply trailers for the natural gas industry.

Mobile Testing Service
Dive control container
Dr. Heidi Armbruster-Domeyer and Dipl.-Ing. Fred Ollerdissen
New build in the Überseestadt district of Bremen

In 2019, DOMEYER will celebrate 100 years. The company has continually developed its core competencies in fire protection, respiratory protection, diving technology and compressors since 1919. In doing this, it has generated key conditions in order to be able to also successfully overcome future challenges.

However, customers’ requirements of DOMEYER have not changed over the course of the decades: being a reliable partner who recognises the requirements of different customers and supports them in their initiatives with expertise in a fair partnership.

All of this is lived through people. Therefore, in 2019 the following will be truer than ever for DOMEYER: the employees and the management team are the foundation of the company and the shared success. Taking their needs seriously and helping their individual potentials to develop are the most important parts of staff development.

In the future, DOMEYER will continue to work daily to maintain and create the appreciative, reliable and open corporate culture.

Maintenance of a high pressure breathing air compressor
The workforce in 2018
Maintenance of a fire alarm system